Organizational communication climate is not created overnight. Organizational leaders need to be open, create a trusting atmosphere, and actively involve employees in the decision-making process. Some different ways organizations can encourage employee feedback include town hall meetings, skip-level meetings, employee ambassador programs and culture committees.

In an organization with positive communication climate featured by openness/trust in communication and participation, employees are more likely to believe in and support the change through cooperation and championing the change.

Secondly, a positive communication climate helps foster organizational identification, which contributes to employees’ attitudes and commitment to the change as well as behavior, referring to cooperation and championing the change.

If these programs are already a part of your communication climate, then they can be readily used during times of organizational change. During times of organizational change, mid-level managers and direct supervisors should be available and offer opportunities for employees to share their concerns and any problems they are encountering during implementation of the changes.